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[Day 26] Counter Tops: Kitchen Clutter Clear Out

Let’s face it.  It’s convenient to set things down on our kitchen counters.  It’s a wonderfully flat surface. This is why we are focusing on our counter tops for Day 26 of the Kitchen Clutter Clear Out.

Kitchen counters need more attention than other kitchen areas. I have to de-clutter mine on a daily basis in order to keep up, but this only takes me a couple minutes.

Much of what ends up on our counters, doesn’t even belong in our kitchen.

counter papers before_resize

Here is how to un-bury your counter.

  • Have a trash and recycling bin near you.
  • Grab a box or laundry basket to temporarily hold the items that need to be put into other areas.  I don’t want you to leave the kitchen and get distracted, once you begin sorting.
  • Start sorting one tiny area of your counter or one little pile. Work your way around your counter top. If it helps motivate you, set a timer for 30 minutes. When it goes off, take a break or reset the timer.
  • Toss old papers, put dishes in the dishwasher or sink, toss trash and recycling, and return things to their home in the kitchen or place items that need to go elsewhere, into the box or laundry basket.
  • You can do it! I know it seems overwhelming but once you begin it will get easier. Don’t scoop it all up and dump it in another room. That will add more stress and chaos. (you didn’t know I could read your thoughts, did you?)
  • When you have finished your counter, bask in it’s clutter-free glory!

counter papers after_resize

What is the most unique item you found buried on your counter?



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