[Day 17] Cookbooks: Kitchen Clutter Clear Out

We are at Day 17.  It’s a great day for clearing out cookbook clutter.  Who loves cookbooks?  I do! Even though I don’t like to cook, I really enjoy cookbooks! Go figure.


Find all of your cookbooks (they may not just be in your kitchen) so you will know how many you have. I’ll wait here for you.

As a professional organizer, I’ve seen how attached you all can get to your cookbooks. These books are filled with so many exciting potential meals! Let’s be realistic, how many recipe choices do you need?  How many recipes will you actually have time to try?

I’m going to make this de-cluttering project as pain free as possible:) Ask yourself these questions when you look at each book.

  • Have you prepared any recipes from the cookbook?
  • If the cookbook contains a couple recipes you like and prepare, could you photocopy the pages and then donate the book?
  • Did you buy the cookbook or receive it as a gift?
  • How much space do you want to devote to cookbooks?
  • Do you have any duplicates?
  • Do you have numerous cookbooks that were purchased for a church or club fundraiser?

Asking these questions will help you make decisions and hopefully donate a few cookbooks. Of course, I would not ask you to donate your “go-to” cookbooks.

I own one cookbook we received as a wedding gift, Betty Crocker.  If I want to find recipes, I surf the web or borrow cookbooks from the library.  By the way, the public library would love your cookbook donations!

Pinterest has a bazillion recipes.  Use the search bar in the upper left corner on Pinterest.   Look what I found when I searched “crockpot recipes.”  I love drooling over all the photos.  Maybe I should have prefaced this with……clear out your cookbooks, then look at Pinterest.



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