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[Day 16] Grocery Bags: Kitchen Clutter Clear Out

It’s Day 16, we are half-way through the Kitchen Clutter Clear Out.  Whoo, hoo, are you getting into the organizing groove? Put your purging hat back on, we are talkin’ grocery bags today.

Plastic, paper, and re-usable bags.  Why must we keep so many?  Why do we allow them to take up so much space?

I have to admit that I keep all my paper bags.  In addition, I have friends save their paper grocery bags for me.  Am I a bag hoarder? Well, sort of.  I use a lot of paper bags when I organize.  They hold recyclables, donations and shredding.

recycling and shredding from office_resize

Are you keeping too many bags?  Round them up and we will clear some out.

I know, I know, it’s hard to let go of bags, but we can’t keep them all.  They take up so much darn room!

Set a limit to the number of bags you will keep and recycle the rest.  Food pantries may need all types of bags.  Check with your local pantries if you would like to donate yours. Goodwill will also take grocery bags for donation.

Use a container or a box to hold the bags and to provide a limit to the number you may keep.  If the container is full, do not keep another bag.  Recycle/donate a few at that time.

Here are some examples of containers for bags.

A cloth sleeve.

A card board box.

Place all the bags in a bag—-simple!

An empty tissue box.

A wall mounted PLASTIC bag holder.

A wall mounted PAPER bag holder.

Do you use plastic grocery bags as small trash can liners?  Store a few at the bottom of all your trash cans.  When you empty the trash you won’t have to hunt down a new can liner.

How many times have you forgotten to take your re-usable cloth bags with you?  Tuck all of your re-usable cloth bags into one of the bags and keep it in you car.  Genius, right?




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