How to declutter and decide to let go with confidence

Decisions are easy……said no one!

As you declutter and downsize, you’ll be faced with lots of decisions. I’ve created a list for you to refer to when you’re undecided or you feel stuck. Use this list to guide you and help you let go of your excess things.


a list of items to part with

Toss, recycle, donate or sell the item if:

It’s an unnecessary duplicate.

It’s been a long time since you’ve used it.

You’ve replaced it with a new one.

It doesn’t work any longer.

You don’t use it.

It requires too much care.

It’s annoyingly noisy, so you rarely use it.

It poses a danger or is detrimental to your health.

There is evidence (i.e. droppings) a mouse has used it as its house.

You don’t have room for it.

You think it’s unattractive.

It has a moldy or other unpleasant odor.

It makes you anxious.

It’s damaged or flawed, i.e. stains, holes, scratches.

It belongs to someone else (return if possible).

You know someone who would like it more than you do (re-gift or pass it along).

It breaks easily.

You wouldn’t buy it again if you noticed it while shopping.

It’s the wrong color.

It no longer fits your lifestyle.

There are bad feelings or emotions attributed to it.

There you have it.  A list of reasons to let something go.  Hang onto the things you use and that bring you peace, freedom, and simplicity.

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