A calm holiday season: Yes, it is possible!

holiday organizing

The holiday season is approaching.

Here are five things to do now to prepare for the holidays to avoid feeling frantic.

Plan: It’s a busy time of year between traveling, work parties, school events, social activities, guests and all the other events that happen during the holidays. Schedule these activities in your calendar so you don’t overbook yourself and you know what’s ahead.

Decide: Think about these things ahead of time — will you send holiday cards, shop locally or online, decorate inside and out, bake, or host a party? If the answer is yes, make sure to block off time for these activities as well.

Limit: Don’t strain your resources. Set a budget for gifts and entertaining. Your time is also valuable and limited. Be realistic about the amount of time you have to attend events, decorate or shop. If you start to feel overwhelmed, consider dropping some of the less crucial activities you planned to do or attend.

Edit: As you pull out your decorations, get rid of items that are broken or no longer loved. Other families will enjoy and treasure your excess. Are you striving to simplify your decorations? Now is the best time to do it.

Delegate: Is there a family member that enjoys wrapping gifts more than you do? Consider your family members’ strengths and talents, then recruit them to help take the pressure off of you.

Prepare now for a more organized and relaxing holiday season.

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