How to banish bathroom clutter

bathroom clutter

These common organizing mistakes make it more difficult to banish bathroom clutter.

Buying too many health and beauty supplies in advance or making duplicate purchases. I know it’s hard to resist a sale or a lotion with an appealing aroma. You’ve probably found yourself testing new products and before you knew it they were in your shopping cart.

Test all you want but don’t add them to your cart unless they are on your shopping list. Our storage spaces are limited and it’s hard to organize and remember past purchases.

When you run out of a health and beauty item, check your stock before assuming you need to buy a replacement. You’ll likely find extra razors, toothpaste or soap previously purchased but forgotten. It happens. That’s why it’s good to refresh your memory by checking.

Keeping the empty product bottles in your shower. When you’ve used the last drop of a product toss the container into your recycle bin.

Clear the floor.  Install extra hooks or bars on your bathroom door or wall for towels and clothing.

Not making the most of bathroom storage. Bathrooms are high traffic areas. Thus their counters become a convenient spot for miscellaneous bits and things you use frequently.

You’ll feel fabulous after you’ve cleared clutter from your bathroom counter, cabinets, and drawers. Store the bare minimum on your counters by maximizing the space in your cabinets and drawers. Edit the spaces then categorize items into containers, especially in large drawers and deep cabinets, until it all fits and you can find what you need. Use baskets or other containers to organize a few essentials on your counter.

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