3 Fantastic Alternatives to Buying More Stuff

I don’t need to save money….. said practically no one!  There is a way to have stuff and save money.  Consider temporary ownership.  You may even have less clutter as a result.

Here are 3 alternatives to buying more stuff.

1.  Rent.  Do you use your public library?  This is an absolutely free option to buying.  Books, magazine, DVD’s, and even electronic downloads, all free at your library! As long as you return them before they are due.  Remembering due dates is easy if you set up reminders in your calendar or have the library system email you a reminder.

There are more options for renting items including: movie rental stores, netflix, tools and equipment, textbooks, party supply rentals, camping gear, and sporting good rentals.

2.  Borrow. It’s great to have friends who own a lot of stuff you could use.  Are you hosting a graduation, shower or other party? Ask if you may borrow their chairs, tables, decorations, awnings, outdoor games, dishes, crock pots, bar glasses, etc.

Borrow  baby equipment and clothing. Babies grow out of it so fast! We borrowed an infant car seat from a friend whose child had just outgrown theirs.  Our daughter’s graduation party was more affordable due to friends who loaned us their stuff.

3. Swap.  If you have small children, consider swapping toys, books, games, puzzles, toys, and baby equipment with other families whose children have outgrown them.  As your children grow, swap these items with a friend who has younger children.

Hold a swap party with friends and trade clothing, handbags, accessories, shoes and outerwear. This could be even more fun than shopping alone.

Swap home decor or kitchen gadgets with friends and family; your waffle iron for their juicer.

Amazon has a trade-in program you may check out here.

What do you temporarily own?

Did I miss any alternatives to buying stuff?  Please comment below.

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