I Donated My Mom’s Favorite Dress


With a lump in my throat, I donated my mom’s favorite dress to charity shortly after she passed away.

The dress was the last of her clothing that we stored in my home (their apartment had limited closet space) and it was the most difficult item to part with. I now have a sense of how my clients feel when they give away items their loved ones treasured.

Dad referred to the dress as “her slinky” and thought she looked smashing in it. It was black, clingy and had sparkly flecks throughout it. Slinky was mom’s beloved dress for more than a decade. She wore it as my parents danced at their 50th anniversary party and other special occasions.

Once I dropped the dress off at the charity, I was surprisingly OK. My eyes were a bit teary, but I didn’t have any regrets.

There are many memories of mom I treasure more than her stuff. I hope her dress brings joy to someone else.

If you are having trouble letting go of items from a deceased loved one, I have a suggestion. Keep the items that are the most meaningful and bring you the most joy. The rest is really just stuff, not your loved one. What would they say to you if they knew your basement has become a storage unit for their items?

I choose to keep mom’s birthstone ring since we share the same birthday month and it fits me perfectly. I am reminded of my mom every time I look at my hands.