How to Deal With Purchasing Mistakes


You are not the only one who has purchased something only to find out you don’t really need it or like it. I’m more likely to do this when it’s on sale or if I can’t find exactly what I want and I settle for the next best thing.Clearance sales, or any sale for that matter, can entice us to impulsively purchase. Sometimes these impulse purchases end up in our homes long after the purchase date, still in their original box or bag. Other times we use or wear the item a couple of times and then wonder why we ever bought it.

Then the inevitable happens, we beat ourselves up for wasting money on the item. Thinking about the money we spent makes it more difficult to part with the items. “I spent a lot of money on it, how could I ever get rid of it?”

Unfortunately, you won’t get your money back by keeping it. You will only add clutter to your life and an opportunity to get mad at yourself every time you see it.

We all make purchasing mistakes. It’s time to move out of “guilt-city” and make peace with your mistakes.

Consider blessing someone else with those things. What charity do you feel good about supporting? The next time you come across a purchasing mistake, place the item in a bag labeled “donate” and put the bag in your car to be dropped off when you are near the charity. If you would rather make a little money, sell them online or at a garage sale.

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