Weekend Mini-Organizing Challenge: Bedroom Chair or a Corner

weekend_challenges Need some organizing motivation and inspiration, or a gentle kick in the rear:) Subscribe to receive mini-organizing challenges several weekends a month. They will be automatically emailed to you so you won’t have to remember to visit the blog. Mini-organizing challenges are doable and will focus on de-cluttering a tiny area of your home.  

If the weekend challenge “speaks” to you, then set your timer for 30 minutes and start organizing/de-cluttering. Stop when the timer goes off and enjoy the rest of your weekend knowing that you accomplished something!  Of course you may continue organizing if you have gained the momentum your were looking for.

Mini Challenge

Bedroom chair or a corner.


Why does that chair in your bedroom end up covered with clutter?  Sometimes the clutter doesn’t even need a seat because the floor near a corner will do. This weekend, choose ONE of those piles and start de-cluttering. Uncover your chair or floor by putting stuff back where it belongs.  Try on the clothing you purchased, return items that you have been meaning to return, put the dirty clothes in the laundry, and find homes for the other items. Maybe you need some wall hooks or over-the-door hooks to prevent the pile from returning.

Wow, doesn’t it feel fantastic to have the pile gone?

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