Organizing dos and don’ts for gardening tools

Organizing dos and don'ts for gardening tools

Ready to get your gardening groove back on, but you’re unable to find your tools?

A little organization will enable you to spend more time in the soil and less time searching.

Here are the dos and don’ts of organizing gardening tools.

Do make it a habit to weed out your supplies on a regular basis. After transplanting the contents, recycle the original plastic pots at your gardening center or curbside bin.

Don’t hang onto broken pots or excess containers you no longer have room to store. Charities such as Goodwill will accept gardening tools and pots. Chuck the broken items.

Do edit your tools until they all fit in their designated spaces or shelves. Look for duplicates or tools you don’t use and set them aside to donate or sell. Maybe you have a friend who is a beginner gardener and in need of supplies?

Don’t store tools with long handles leaning against walls where they are likely to fall over and become tripping hazards. Instead, hang these tools from your garage walls and you’ll also gain more floor space.

Do use containers or a pegboard to hold your smaller garden tools. Pest/weed controllers and fertilizers should be contained and out of reach of small children.

Don’t go overboard purchasing plants. I know, it’s nearly impossible to resist those gorgeous specimens. Stop and think about where you will plant them before purchasing. If you enjoy container gardening, consider the care they need. How many do you want to attempt to keep alive all summer?

Here’s to a glorious and fruitful gardening season.

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