The Less Obvious Costs of Clutter


Clutter is costly, especially if it has caused you to lose checks/gift cards/money and resulted in added late fees. These are the more apparent monetary costs of clutter. There are other costs that are less obvious but still harmful.

  • A poor credit score due to a late or missed bill payment. Switch to automatic bill payment for reoccurring bills.
  • Rent for an off-site storage unit. If you’re paying to store items you haven’t used in years, make it a priority to empty the unit.
  • The cost of moving to a larger home only because you need more storage space. Downsize now and put money toward retirement or a college fund instead of toward moving costs, a larger mortgage, higher property taxes and larger utility bills.
  • Money spent on new storage bins and shelving. Decluttering will open up shelf space and empty some currently full bins. 

Reducing clutter is rewarding and could help your bottom line.  Who knows, you may even find money or items, if sold, can make you money.

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