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Laundry Tip: Make those clothing piles disappear

What do you do with your clothing that you’ve worn only once?  It’s not dirty enough to wash, yet you don’t want it mix it up with really clean clothing. 

So where does it end up? On the floor?  Over a chair or hanging from your treadmill?  Maybe they end up in the dirty laundry pile, because it’s just easier that way.

The pile continues to grow until you’ve forgotten what’s at the bottom and it could be your favorite pair of jeans!

Here’s a simple solution to the piles and needless loads of laundry.






If you lack wall space, then an over-the-door hook will also do the trick.

They have proven their usefulness in our bedroom.








It’s time to uncover your floor, chair and exercise equipment.

Where are you going to install hooks in your home?

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