It’s Okay if You Don’t Send Holiday Cards


Sending Christmas or other holiday cards to family and friends is a wonderful tradition but it can also be overwhelming, time consuming and not so enjoyable for some of us (including me).

This tradition can be simplified if you want to continue sending cards but are finding it more and more difficult to find the time.

Here are some ideas.

• Instead of signing a card, use a photo card printed with your family member’s names and the date. Look through your digital photos for your best family photo and order the cards online. Notice I did not say look for a perfect family photo. 

• Another option is to delegate. Family members could assemble and help with signing, addressing, or stamping cards. If you want to send a letter, keep it short and ask every family member to write a couple sentences summarizing their year.

• Since this can be a super busy season, consider sending your cards on Valentine’s Day or another holiday. Another option is to send cards every other year.

• Trim your card list. Instead of feeling obligated to sending a card to every person you know, send cards to family and friends you rarely see and people you know could use a little extra cheer.

I have opted out of sending Christmas cards for the last several years. It became tedious to me instead of a source of enjoyment. I did feel a bit guilty at first, but not anymore. If this has happened to you, maybe you want to take a break from sending cards and will want to pick it up again next year.

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