Is it Worth Something?

My father-in-law delivered my husband’s childhood collection to our home during a recent visit.  They both thought they may be worth something….since they are very old and in good condition. I had my doubts.  What do you think?


Part of my husband’s childhood beer can collection

Although most of our possessions are worth something this doesn’t mean we have to hang onto them for eternity. On the other hand, you spent your hard earned money on them and it seems wasteful to just give them away. Family heirlooms and collectible items are even more difficult to give away. You’re certain the antiques and action figures are valuable and could fetch a good sum.

How do we move forward and let the stuff go?

Do you have a favorite charity that would accept your items for their silent or internet action as a means of fundraising?

If you can’t bear to simply donate objects that might have value, here are some options for selling them. Keep in mind that although your item is worth something, there has to be a buyer who is willing to pay your price.

A garage sale: Prices will need to be low for a quick sale since these are short events and garage sale shoppers are bargain hunters. The number of potential buyers at your sale will be small compared to an internet sale.

Craig’s List or eBay: These are both on-line options for selling things. Search the current listings for comparable items to get an idea of your selling price. eBay is an auction format. If you want to see actual selling prices, not the current bid, open an eBay account and then limit your search to “sold” items.  I looked at the beer can sold prices from my husband’s collection on eBay.  Most of the cans sold for under $5.00.  Needless to say, he still has the cans.

Consider hiring an appraiser for premium items to learn their value for figuring your tax deduction and insuring purposes. Remember value isn’t the same as the amount someone is willing to pay.  Find an accredited appraiser here.


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