Organize and create a convenient workout space in your home

In addition to hands-on organizing with my clients, my other life-long passion is nutrition and working out.

I’m not talking about hardcore, sweat-fest workouts (I don’t like to sweat) but workouts that keep me strong and healthy.  

My office is also my workout space because I find it more convenient.  I don’t have to get spend time driving to a gym, wonder if I have the current style of workout clothing, beat myself up by comparing   myself to others in the gym   or spend money on memberships.  

Do you prefer to exercise at home more than a gym? Watch my video to learn how I organize my space in order to easily fit workouts into my day.

Can’t see the video?  Click here to view on YouTube.

Jill’s Favorite YouTube channels for Strength and Cardio:


Fitness With PJ

Jill’s Favorite YouTube channels for Yoga:

Yoga TX

Yoga Upload


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