Get organized with virtual support from a professional

My virtual client transformed the top of her dresser! Isn’t this wild? (photos were shared with client’s permission)  And no, she did not shuffle the piles elsewhere, instead, she found homes for everything.

It’s now a gorgeous dresser with sorted-out drawers.

Clothing that was on its surface found a new home. The boxes of odds and ends were sorted and emptied. Some items were donated to a charity.

Can you imagine how flipping proud my client feels?

She reached out for help with her home and hired me to coach her via Zoom. We met on a regular basis for a few months.  She felt a sense of empowerment with my nonjudgmental coaching.

It was exciting to watch her remarkable growth and progress.

How did she make this happen?

virtual organizing support

First of all, we meet every other week on Zoom where we discussed her goals, and then we came up with a plan to achieve her goals. Between each virtual session, she worked through her customized plan and reached out if she felt stuck and needed a boost. She had a lot of support.

One of her goals was to declutter her bedroom/craft area. That’s a large overwhelming area so I suggested she narrow her focus to the dresser in the photo.

During her next Zoom session, she shared her progress and we worked through any hiccups she encountered before we make a plan for the next area of her bedroom. My client called this portion of our session, “show and tell.” She loved having nonjudgmental accountability and someone in her corner.

Some weeks are better than others because life happens and that’s okay. She’s determined to maintain (we’ve worked out a plan for this) and the habits she’s started forming feel sustainable. The systems she set up are working!

We often revisit her reason for getting organized, a calm, stress-free home, in order to keep her motivated and make it sustainable.

Who supports and encourages you? A good friend, family, therapist, meds, a partner, a coach, all of the above?

I urge you to create a team of your own. You deserve it and are worthy of support.

And yes, I myself have a support team: my husband, family, good friends, an Rx for anxiety, and a health coach.

Imma going to get a little personal here…..

My team has been there for me as I recover from a decades-long eating disorder and disordered eating. After trying to recover on my own without much success, I invested in a professional certified intuitive eating coach.

She has helped me regain freedom, stop obsessing over food, and honestly changed my life! I’m committed and working hard to never restrict again.

My health coaches’ name is Allison and here’s her website if you are struggling with disordered eating. She was well worth the investment.

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