Consign or Resell Wardrobe Pieces You’ve Edited From Your Closet

Imp_8ft_RI_Cho_Ang-MDon’t leave money hanging in your closet. Edit your clothing/accessories and take the items you no longer wear or like to a local consignment or resale store.

Resale stores buy items on the spot. Consignment stores pay you a percentage of the selling price once the item sells. In order to have the most success and profit selling your clothing, follow these suggestions.

First of all, familiarize yourself with the store rules by calling or visiting their website before leaving home.

Clothing should be in very good condition: no holes, no underarm stains, pilling, or fading.

Clothing should be fairly current and in season, unless the store sells vintage items.

Freshly launder items.

Call or check the store’s website for information about the days/times they accept items for consideration. Sometimes an appointment is required or they stop buying early if they are at capacity. A driver’s license or state issued ID is typically required for selling items.

Some stores want items on hangers while others ask that hangers be removed.

If consigning, create a reminder in your calendar to check your account. You may be able to look at your account online. It’s very satisfying when you see you have sold items and there is cash in your account.

Lastly, most stores will offer to donate the items they don’t accept or items that haven’t sold after a certain period of time. Take advantage of this service instead of schlepping them back home to your closets.