3 {Facetious} Reasons To Leave Your Stuff Out So You Can Find It

Do you resist putting your stuff away because you don’t have the energy or you want to be able to find it?  This might be a good solution for a limited number of things but leaving a lot of stuff out creates piles of clutter, confusion and sometimes a big mess.

There are 3 {facetious} Reasons To Leave Your Stuff Out.

1. Searching for things is fun.  The longer the search, the more fun you have, especially when you are pressed for time.

2. You love to shop and don’t mind spending money and time replacing items when you can’t find the one you own.  It’s not that costly….$10 here, $2 there.

3.  Piles, mounds and gobs of clutter don’t really bother you…..until you are expecting company.  How many times have you stashed it and never look at it again?

>>>>Tired of searching for things, spending money on replacements and creating more clutter to clean up?

Find a logical home for your things by following these 3 Simple! tips.

1. Store your frequently used items in the most accessible areas.  You don’t want to have to use a step stool, flashlight, or excessive bending to reach them.

2. Rarely used items may be stored on the highest shelves or the dark recesses of your storage areas.  Consider giving some of these items away since they are used so rarely.

3. Can’t decide where to put something?  Ask yourself these questions.

A.} Where would I look for it when I need it?

B.} Where do I use it?

B.I.N.G.O., now your things will have a home.  {if you are still stuck, leave a comment and I will help you figure it out}

Practice finding homes for things by putting 5 things away right now.  GO!





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