Be prepared and organized for the next time your pet is sprayed by a skunk

Our dog Cleo has been sprayed by a skunk numerous times.  She obviously isn’t catching on to the whole avoidance thing.  If you have had a skunk spray your pet you know it’s extremely nasty.

Thank goodness my sister shared an effective recipe for a skunk odor removal concoction before Cleo was sprayed the first time.  I immediately purchased the ingredients.

We were organized and ready for a skunk “incident.”  It sure beats frantically searching our house or shopping for the ingredients, late at night, while one of us holds the end of a leash strapped to our smelly dog.  I think I would be the one volunteering to go to the store!

My kit contains the following:

A bucket


Baking soda

Hydrogen peroxide

Dawn dish soap

Directions:  Fill a small bucket with warm water.  Add a ½ box of baking soda, ½ bottle of hydrogen peroxide, and a squirt of Dawn.  Mix together, wet your dog with the garden hose (avoid bringing the dog into your house), pour solution over dog, rub it in and rinse well.  **Avoid the dogs eyes.

You may need more than one application.

Cleo receiving her third skunk bath. She had already had 2 baths the night before.

You may also use this solution to wash the collar and leash.

I use the bucket as a container for all the ingredients and store it in a closet.  Everyone in our family knows where to find it.

It’s amazing how well this simple solution works.  Don’t wait until the day your dog is sprayed, put together a skunk kit ASAP.

If you have a dog, has it ever been sprayed by a skunk?




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