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Do Professional Organizers Have Perfect Homes?

Professional organizers are fairly normal, lead normal lives and some even have messy homes. Clients ask me about the state of my house. Is it perfectly organized? Are all of my containers and shelves labeled? Is my clothing organized by color? The answer is NO. Even though I’m passionate about organization and enjoy helping others… [Read More]

How to Deal With Purchasing Mistakes

You are not the only one who has purchased something only to find out you don’t really need it or like it. I’m more likely to do this when it’s on sale or if I can’t find exactly what I want and I settle for the next best thing.Clearance sales, or any sale for that… [Read More]

I Donated My Mom’s Favorite Dress

With a lump in my throat, I donated my mom’s favorite dress to charity shortly after she passed away. The dress was the last of her clothing that we stored in my home (their apartment had limited closet space) and it was the most difficult item to part with. I now have a sense of… [Read More]

Jill Annis

Professional Organizer and weekly columnist for the Wisconsin State Journal. Don’t spend another day feeling overwhelmed or beating yourself up about not being organized. Learn more about Jill...


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