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Weekend Mini-Organizing Challenge: User Manuals/Instruction Booklets

Need some organizing motivation and inspiration, or a gentle nudge? Simply subscribe to my blog to receive mini-organizing challenges several weekends a month. They will be automatically emailed to you so you won’t have to remember to visit the blog. Mini-organizing challenges are doable and will focus on decluttering a tiny area of your home.  If the… [Read More]

How To Keep Track of Your Monetary Donations and Prevent Confusion

If you’ve donated to charitable organizations in the past, you probably receive a thick stack mail from charities every week. It can be confusing and time consuming to keep up with the requests. It’s a common practice for charities to sell, share, or rent your contact information with other charities. This is why they appear… [Read More]

Do Professional Organizers Have Perfect Homes?

Professional organizers are fairly normal, lead normal lives and some even have messy homes. Clients ask me about the state of my house. Is it perfectly organized? Are all of my containers and shelves labeled? Is my clothing organized by color? The answer is NO. Even though I’m passionate about organization and enjoy helping others… [Read More]

Jill Annis

Professional Organizer and weekly columnist for the Wisconsin State Journal. Don’t spend another day feeling overwhelmed or beating yourself up about not being organized. Learn more about Jill...


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