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Weekend Mini-Organizing Challenge: Guest Room

Need some organizing motivation and inspiration, or a gentle kick in the rear:) Subscribe to receive mini-organizing challenges several weekends a month. They will be automatically emailed to you so you won’t have to remember to visit the blog. Mini-organizing challenges are doable and will focus on de-cluttering a tiny area of your home. If… [Read More]

5 ways to get your family to clean up

Help Your Spouse Become More Organized

I am a contributor to Organizing Made Fun, an awesome organizing blog.  Here is what I wrote about this month. What if you thrive on organization and prefer a clutter-free home while your partner is the complete opposite and doesn’t seem to understand the importance of organization? It’s not an uncommon situation. As a professional… [Read More]


Gifts That Don’t Become Clutter

I blog bi-weekly at Clutter Interrupted. Here is what I’m talking about this week.   Have you started Christmas shopping? I used to dread it because I would get anxious about whether I bought the “right” gift. You wouldn’t believe how much time I spent returning gifts because I found something “better.” I’m a professional organizer; the last… [Read More]

Jill Annis

Professional Organizer and weekly columnist for the Wisconsin State Journal. Don’t spend another day feeling overwhelmed or beating yourself up about not being organized. Learn more about Jill...

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