You might be a professional organizer or love to organize if…

Because I’m a professional organizer who enjoys eliminating clutter and craves order, I have a few characteristics that may seem odd.  You might be a professional organizer OR love to organize if….

  • You’ve been caught labeling your daughter’s Barbie’s Dream home so Barbie can find her stuff.
  • Trash and recycling day is your favorite day of the week.
  • Your car usually contains bags of client’s or your donations and you are on a first name basis with Goodwill employees.
  • You put something away before a family member is finished using it.  This really annoys my family at times.
  • You grocery shop on the same day every week and wish you could bag the groceries in an organized fashion.
  • You start clearing the table before your family is finished eating.   My poor husband is usually left alone toward the end of the meal.
  • You buy plastic zipper bags in bulk because of their storage capabilities.
  • You have a difficult time watching the TV show “The Middle” because you have an urge to organize their home.
  • You open a friend’s drawer and offer to sort and organize it just because it’s fun!





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