How Do You Work Up the Courage To Get Rid of Stuff?

20151021_152719How do work up the courage to get rid of stuff?  It’s rather frightening for many of us, isn’t it?

When I’m contacted for hands-on organizing assistance, I always ask if they are ready to let go of stuff.  It’s crucial for you to be ready and in the right frame of mind in order to have a less cluttered, more organized home.

There are periods in your life when I don’t recommend tackling a large decluttering project.  Give yourself some time, after the death of a loved one, before making decisions about stuff.  Get help for untreated depression or other mental health issues.   Wait until you recover from an injury or a temporary health crisis.  During these periods, your energy will be extra low, decisions will be more difficult and you’ll be more emotional about your things.

If you are ready to let go, even though it feels like a very big deal and intimidating, there are a few  things to keep in mind that will increase your chances of success.

Be realistic and set small, consistent decluttering goals. Small goals require 30 minutes or less, large goals require more of a committment. You’ll avoid burnout and become more motivated as you accomplish your small goals. And it will become easier to get rid of stuff with practice.

Practice letting go on a weekly basis.  Find one or more things to donate, toss or recycle every week.  Take photos to track your progress.

Don’t agonize or overthink the process.  That’s it, plain and simple.  It’s just stuff, not your first born child.

Will letting go of that one thing you are holding in your hand be all that bad?  After it’s dropped off at the donation center, you may never think of it again.

Focus on the benefits: more peace, more space, more joy.

If you are ready but need a nudge, it might be time to call a professional for help.


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