When is it Time to Ask for Organizing Help?

Kristen d.r.

It’s hard to ask for help regardless of what you need. But sometimes it’s difficult to move forward without it.

I receive calls for organizing assistance when the person calling isn’t able to organize on their own. They may have tried to organize on their own, but ended up feeling defeated.

Has getting organized been on your to-do list for ages and you are at an impasse?

It may be time to call for help from a professional if:

  • You are unsure where to start or feel overwhelmed. A professional doesn’t feel overwhelmed; we’ve done this before and we truly enjoy creating order.
  • You are too busy to tackle the project on your own. Your project will be completed quicker with a professional’s expertise.
  • You want someone to tell you what to do and help you accomplish the task. Organizing professionals provide direction and support. They will help you get started and work by your side. In fact, we can even assign homework, if a client wants to continue working between sessions.
  • You are moving and need to downsize quickly or you want help unpacking boxes after a move. No one likes the unsettled feeling of living out of boxes.
  • You become distracted when you organize on your own. Hiring someone will ensure you work as a team to do at the appointed date and time. The professional will keep you motivated and on task.
  • You feel embarrassed by your home and avoid inviting people over. Organizing professionals don’t see the mess instead we see solutions and can’t wait to help you get started.

Ask for help today. Call me at 608-575-7467 or use this website www.napo.net for advice on hiring a professional organizer and a directory.


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