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What to do if your refrigerator is a kitchen eyesore

fridge organization

The refrigerator, a container for perishable food, needs organizing like any other area of your home.

There are some common mistakes we make with our refrigerators that often create waste and turn it into a kitchen eyesore.

Keeping things for too long. Perishable items have a shorter lifespan than pantry items. Before heading to the grocery store, make it a habit to clear out the old, forgotten leftovers.

Putting off a deep clean until it’s a daunting even more undesirable task. Once or twice a year, check the use by dates and freshness of the contents. Toss expired or inedible food and recycle the containers. Wipe the shelves and wash the drawers.  Or deep clean one shelf every few months.

Neglecting the top of the fridge. Clear it off, put away the miscellaneous items that gravitated there and clean the surface with a degreaser.

Cluttering the front and the sides of the refrigerator. Remove old sports schedules, coupons, and event flyers. Toss outdated or expired papers. Replace tattered artwork but first, take a photo of the art if you want it archived.

Packing too much into the freezer. I’m completely guilty of this and have had frozen food fall onto the floor upon opening the door. If you have additional freezer storage in your home, divide your freezer contents among them.

Your food will be easy to locate if you organize and categorize items in your freezers. Rotate the older items toward the front and consume them first. You may want a running inventory of the contents of your freezer posted on or near it.

What’s in/on your fridge that needs to go today?

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