Unique holiday gift ideas for every person on your list

unique holiday gift ideas

With gift-giving season upon us, you might like these nifty options that won’t add clutter to the recipient’s life.

Requests: Ensure your gift will be put to use and enjoyed by asking the recipient for their wish list. If you don’t want to spill the beans and ask them directly for ideas, enlist the help of their family or keep your ears open for hints they may drop.

Experiences: Create an opportunity for memories with gifts of experiences. This may include memberships to museums, passes to state or amusement parks, tickets to events, classes, weekend getaways or spa services. These vacations can become a gift shared with your extended family as an alternative to exchanging gifts.

Practical: Everyday items such as stamps, car wash or oil change certificates, AAA membership, grocery store gift cards, yoga or fitness studio passes or even a paper shredder.

Services: We’re all busy and could use an extra hand. Cleaning services, meal delivery or home maintenance services (such as organizing) may give them some much needed free time.

Expertise: Share skills that the recipient has expressed a desire to learn. Offer to give a golf lesson, create art together, cook a special meal or tutor your recipient on a new electronic device.

Subscriptions: An Amazon Prime or Netflix subscription is a treat, especially for college students. Subscriptions for audible books can be wonderful for those who frequently walk, run or drive.

Consumables: These are gifts that don’t typically stick around. Fun ideas include fresh flowers, chocolate, coffee, wine, beer or tea.

Sentimental: List 50 things you love about the person, plan a date night or create a photo book.

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