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Unique and fun gift ideas for graduates

graduation gift ideas

Do you have a family member or friend graduating this year?

Here are some unique and fun gift ideas for every graduate, that will be clutter-free and useful.

Cold hard cash is always appreciated. If you want a clever way to present the cash, the Internet is a good place to search for ideas. (My preferred method for giving cash is to place it inside of a card because of its simplicity.)

 Make a check out for the year of their graduation, for example, $20.18.

Or a savings bond.

Do they own a vehicle? Gift cards for gas, oil changes, the car wash or a one-year membership to AAA.

Are they music or book lovers? iTunes gift cards.

Tickets to an upcoming concert or other performance.

Are they in need of new two-wheeled transportation? A bike or bike accessories.

Gift cards for movie theaters, restaurants or coffee shops.

A Netflix or Amazon Prime membership for streaming movies.

A laptop, headphones or a mini-charger for quick-charging their electronics.

Consider these handy gifts for graduates leaving home:

A basic tool kit

Backpack or luggage.

A mattress or futon.

College-bound graduates may enjoy an Amazon gift card to use for textbooks or other essentials.

Gift cards to stores that sell household and dorm room items or for their college bookstore.

Spirit wear for the school they will be attending.

A super practical, well-stocked first aid kit.

Do you enjoy baking? Then an I.O.U. for fresh baked goods during finals would be something for the student to look forward to.

A season pass for their college theater or a ticket to one of their college football games or another event.

Grocery store gift cards for their college town.

Comment below if you have some unique and useful gift ideas for graduates.

Congratulations to all the graduates!

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