How Timers Can Help You Organize

My colleague, Ellen Delap, incoming president of the National Association of Professional Organizers is a guest blogger for this post.  Thank you Ellen!

My Organizing Obsession: Timers

It may not surprise you about my obsession with timers.  A timer is a vital tool for time management. It’s a monitoring device as well as an accountability tool.  There are so many uses for a picket timer.  A slim, digital, easy to set timer can help you in a myriad of ways. Timers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Keep it simple with an easy to use timer that fits in a pocket.

At home

  •      Reminder to check the washer or dryer.  You may be in another part of the house and need an auditory reminder to move your clothes to the next step.
  •     Reminder to turn off the the sprinkler.  You’re inside and the sprinkler is outside.  A timer helps you water the whole lawn.
  •     Reminder to get ready for bed. You may need a reminder so you are in bed on time.
  •     Set your timer for 10 minutes of daily distribution of items to put away with your family. Together you pick up the house and everything is back in order.
  •     Set your timer for 10 minutes of paper management. Everyone can do 10 minutes of paper sorting.

At work

  •     Reminder to make a phone call at a certain time. You won’t want to miss an important call to a client.
  •     Count down to a meeting. You get busy and distracted and need a reminder of when to stop to in order to be on time for a meeting.
  •    Use the “Pomodoro method” which is working in 20 – 45-minute increments. You work for a specific amount of time on an important project and take a 5-minute break.  Do this for 3 sessions and see how much you have accomplished.
  •     Stay focused for your power hour.
  •     A timer gives you boundaries to start and finish a task. These boundaries are just like a physical boundary to help you stay on task.

For your student

  •     Reminder to start homework.  Once your student is at home, set a timer to count down until homework time starts.
  •     Beat the clock to finish homework.  Does homework drag on?  Help your student focus and work hard with a set time to finish.  A timer can also help your student break big homework assignments into manageable pieces.
  •     Reminder to pick up and place the backpack by the landing strip.  Get everything ready for the next day with a timer.  Just 5 minutes and everything is ready to go.

  What uses have you found for a timer?

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Ellen Delap

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