Do Professional Organizers Have Perfect Homes?


Professional organizers are fairly normal, lead normal lives and some even have messy homes. Clients ask me about the state of my house. Is it perfectly organized? Are all of my containers and shelves labeled? Is my clothing organized by color?

The answer is NO. Even though I’m passionate about organization and enjoy helping others feel better through organization, I’m not…..

A perfectionist: I don’t fold my pajamas, I could try harder to properly fold our fitted sheets (or watch the YouTube video tutorial) and I don’t use a level to hang artwork on our walls. Done is better than perfect.

A clean freak: I love organizing but not cleaning. Our house has a lived-in look. Sometimes there is a bit of dust on the furniture, piles of shoes in the entryway closet, and nose prints from our dog on the windows. We can find things because the house is organized, not because it’s in pristine condition. We put things away when we are finished with them but there may be a few dirty dishes in our sink at any given time. Good enough is good enough.

An obsessive label maker: In my own home I usually prefer masking tape and a Sharpie to label boxes or a pen to label file folders. If you can read your handwriting, you may not need a label making gadget.

A container addict: Our closets and storage areas do not resemble the Container Store. I’ve been known to use cardboard boxes at times. Matching containers look pretty, but are not a requirement for an organized space.

I’m a professional organizer who prefers simplicity.