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We all have regrets…get over it!

We have all done it.  We bought something and then have regrets because we don’t like or use it.  We make mistakes, pure and simple. Don’t beat yourself up.

Keeping the item and letting it become unused clutter will only make you feel worse and take up unnecessary space. You aren’t going to re-coupe your money by hanging onto it, but every time you see the purchasing mistake, you will feel regret all over again.

I bought this shirt because I thought it was “cute.”  I wore it a few times and never felt comfortable with it’s tight fit. Then the shirt’s ruffled neckline conjured up images of a clown suit.  That did it!  I never wore it again, yet I let it hangout in my closet.

P1030829_resizeOne day I said, “enough is enough, it’s time to practice what you preach Jill!”  I told myself to get over it, I was never going to wear it again, and I promptly put it into my donation bag.  What a relief!

Unload some guilt today.  Find a purchase you regret making and put it in your donation bag.



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