Laundry Tip: Simplify Laundry

It sure isn’t fancy or complicated but it works for me.  This is my basement laundry area.  Instead of piling dirty clothing on the dirty floor, I sort it into baskets according to the load category.  Lights, darks, jeans, sheets, and bleached items.  When a basket is full, the clothing go into the washing machine.

After its dry, I hang all the shirts on the hanging clothing rack(attached to the wall) located next to my dryer.  I found the shirts ended up wrinkled when I put them into a basket instead of hanging them up on hangers and I really dislike ironing.  The rest of the clean laundry is put into an empty basket and taken to my bedroom to fold and put away.

Would this system work for you?  I’d love to hear about your system or your laundry questions in the comments below.

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