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Regain control with virtual organizing assistance

Before March 2020, I worked with 1:1 with clients in their homes.

That’s not possible at the time of this post (spring 2020) BUT you can still get my nonjudgmental support and learn how to organize when you’re overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to get your paper piles in order, your photos sorted out, turn your closet into a more useable space, declutter your kitchen and pantry to make meal prep seamless and much more.  We can focus on any area of your home or downsize the whole shebang!

You’ll feel less alone when you have a compassionate professional by your side (virtually).

It will allow you to regain control of a part of your life despite what’s happening in the world.

We’ll make decisions together.  Discuss what to do with sentimental items in your house.

You’ll learn how to let some things go and where to place your donations when donation centers are closed.

It will be an opportunity to talk to someone when you feel alone.

I’ll be your decluttering buddy and help you sort and categorize things so they make sense.

You’ll figure out where to put things in your house so you can find them when you need them.

We’ll discuss maintaining you’re newly organized spaces to keep them clutter-free.

Technology makes this all possible.  A FaceTime or Zoom call will bring us together, face to face during our 1-hour virtual sessions.

You’ll discover that decluttering and organizing lifts your spirits, energizes you and makes you feel more confident.

Read what clients have said about their virtual organizing sessions.

My virtual session with Jill was rewarding and motivating. I have zones of paper clutter that I have struggled with reducing for quite some time. One of the pearls she gave me was to think about “Will I refer back to it” or “Can I find it online?” while deciding whether to keep papers.

I hang onto clothes as well: she suggested looking at them as “If I saw this in a store, would I buy it?” She provided support and encouragement, telling me to think about the things I save, but don’t beat myself up over why I have this tendency to hang onto things too long. She also suggested clearing one area, and have it be a Zone of Zen. 

It was great to get some new ideas and support. — Thanks to Jill from another Jill!


I had the opportunity to work virtually with Jill today. I’ve been putting off a huge photo organizing project and it seems like now is a perfect time to look at it again. It was great to brainstorm and learn from her expertise. She gave me some tools and identified some goals to help get me started. I can certainly see a clearer path forward. Thanks, Jill! — Amy T


Jill has a very compassionate and caring voice and I felt comfortable sharing my deliberations.

I learned to start with the easy stuff, storage solutions for out-of-season clothes, and to ask myself relevant questions that will help me make decisions. 

Thank you for encouraging me and for inspiring me to make progress.– Carol


Jill was a calm voice in my confusion about getting my office clutter organized. 

Her manner gives you the assurance that this is a private conversation and gives you the confidence to just get started. I was throwing things away and putting things away while we were still planning! Thanks Jill. —   Karen


I had a very good chat with Jill this morning about getting clutter in order. Not only did she outline some ideas for how I can eventually get done with the present project but it is good to have the chance to talk to someone at times like these. — Charles


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