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Are you prepared for a medical emergency?

Are you ready for a medical emergency? Apparently I am not. My mom recently needed to be taken to the E.R.  I’m blessed to live near my parents so they called me to help out.  

Mom and dad with Natalie

My parents with our daughter

This made me more aware of the medical paperwork we need quickly accessible during an emergency.

Medical emergencies are stressful enough so the more prepared you are the better.

We now have a red file folder labeled “Medical Emergency” in an easy to locate place in my home and my parent’s home.

Here is a list of information you may want in your own “Medical Emergency” file, binder, or envelope.

1. Advanced Care Directive and Living Will unless they are on file at the hospital.

2. Birthdates for everyone in your household. It’s easy to forget the year a family member was born and the family member may be unconscious.

3. Social Security Numbers

4. Copies of your insurance cards, front and back if you don’t keep them in your wallet

5. Phone numbers of doctors as well as after-hours phone number

6. List of all medications and their dosages

7. Drug and food allergies

8. Preferred pharmacy name

9. On a separate sheet of paper, write a list of things to take with you. I would place “phone charger” on that list because I discovered my cell phone battery was in need of charging after I arrived at the hospital!

****I have a bonus tip. Enter a contact named “ICE” (in case of emergency) into your cell phone directory. ICE will be your spouse or another family member. If you are in a car accident or alone during an emergency, the EMT’s will call this number first.

I also recommend everyone carry some sort of  Wallet Card for Emergencies 

I learned we should have medical paperwork and other information gathered before the need arises. Take 30 minutes this week to gather your medical paperwork and the paperwork for those under your care.

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1 Comment

  1. Janet Barclay on August 29, 2013 at 9:55 am

    I used to do presentations on organizing medical information, and would recommend carrying a wallet card with all the important details. Great to know there’s a website to generate them for free!