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Organizing Workbench Chaos

Recently my husband’s workbench looked like this.


The mess was a result of a frustrating electrical problem with his boat trailer.  The problem plagued him for a week, but now the trailer lights are working properly.

Doug and I have different personalities.  I consider him practically a perfectionist yet he can still function when his space becomes cluttered.  My own work areas have to be clutter-free, at all times.   Doug prefers focusing on finishing the repair and then dealing with the clutter.  I really don’t know how he found his tools but I try not to get uptight about it knowing he’ll organize later.

Before he tackled the mess, he told me he planned to use our card tables as a sorting area (since every inch of the workbench was covered).  Clever guy!

20150809_114347 20150809_113401

Doug started sorting and I stayed out of his way, except to capture photos.  I love how he arranged things on the tables.

My assistance was requested to print a container label and help untangle bits and pieces of rope.  I have to admit, I wanted to toss the small rope bits but knew that wouldn’t be a wise move for our relationship.  Doug actually uses that stuff sometimes!

20150809_142752Notice the bins/containers.  We had everything he needed, no shopping required.

His workbench is clutter-free, organized and ready for the next project.


And…..Doug is back on his boat!



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