Organizing the dining room so you may dine

Has your dining room become a room to dump items you bring into your home, items you recently purchased, or a room for projects?  When was the last time you dined in your dining room?  Even if you rarely this room, wouldn’t it be nice to have it organized and clutter-free?

Set up containers for trash, recycle, donate and items that belong in another room and follow these 5 steps for a dining room you can dine in.

  1. Clear the floor.  Put items where they belong or donate.  Vacuum.  This will make a big impact.
  2. Clear the surface of the dining room table and dust.  Put items away.
  3. Clear other surfaces and dust.  Now you are beginning to see the light!
  4. Donate decorative items you no longer like and no longer want to dust.
  5. Go through every drawer and cabinet.  Break it up into small bits, one drawer or cabinet each day or each session.  Donate excess.  How many table linens and serving dishes do you need to keep?  Beware of keeping items because of guilt.  This won’t help you become clutter-free.  Evaluate every napkin holder, candle, candle holder, trivet, and salt shaker.  Use a clip style clothing hanger to hang linens in a spare closet keeping them wrinkle free.

Choose just one of the above steps to focus on at a time and in a matter of days or weeks you will have a clutter-free and organized dining room once again.


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