Organize your spices so you are able to find them


Okay….I have a confession to make.  My spices are alphabetized.  This is a photo of my spices in my pantry.  Before you call me a freak, obsessed or just plain nuts, notice that my spices are loosely alphabetized:)

There are 3 containers, each filled with spices from a segement of the alphabet.  The first container is ‘A’ thru ‘C’, the second is ‘D’ thru ‘O’ and so on.

I used to spend way too much time looking for my spices before I developed this system.  As long as I put them back in the correct containers (and my family members do too) I can find the spices I need in seconds.

I’ve written the name of the spice on their covers with a permanent marker.  This helps me quickly identify the spices when their label is hidden by other spices.

Will this system work for you?  Pull out all your spices, toss the expired spices, and divide into alphabetized categories.  Find containers that fit your space and label.  You may need more containers depending on your space and how spicy your life is!

Do you think you may have some duplicate spices lurking in your cabinets?


  • That is genius! To write the name on the top in Sharpie! Wow!