Organize and Tidy Your Bathroom

How did the bathroom counter become so cluttered?

The cabinets and drawers a jumble of personal care items?

Your bathroom is a heavily used room and in some homes, it’s small, with little storage.  

Our bodies require some upkeep, but let’s be real about how many products we need and use. Old products and empty bottles quickly clutter up a bathroom. 

Transform your bathroom into an organized and tidy space with the following tips:

Begin by sorting out your favorite products from those that didn’t live up to your expectations. It happens. If you stopped using a product for one reason or another, let it go. Consider donating barely used/unused products to friends or a homeless shelter. Categorize your favorites by their use: hair, body, makeup, nails, etc.

Contain small items and use drawer dividers to maintain order. Use caddies and containers under the sink. Simply pull out a container to access items instead of knocking things over while trying to reach into the back of the cabinet. Over-the-door-shoe pockets provide more storage space for small bottles, hair accessories, wash cloths, and combs/brushes.

Corral daily use items into containers and place them on accessible shelves or on your counter. Look around your home for baskets and boxes. Store large items, like hair appliances, in the deep drawers of your vanity. Search the Internet or Pinterest for more creative storage options.

Did you come across duplicates or nearly new products? Shop at home until you use these up. It’s likely you didn’t remember you had these items until you started the editing process and are now very happy to find them. Organizing is rewarding!