Creating a Simple Home Inventory


It’s important to be prepared for an emergency and to have a plan for protecting your loved ones in place. A natural disaster or other catastrophic situation could cause you to lose your home and its contents.

Do you know what’s under your roof?

Insurance companies strongly suggest we document the contents of our homes. It’s nearly impossible to remember everything , especially when we are under stress following a disaster.

In a couple of hours you can complete a simple home inventory that will leave you prepared and allow your insurance company to more easily process your claim .

1. Schedule about 1 to 2 hours to do an inventory.

2. Use a camera or video recorder to document your belongings. If you create a recording, narrate it as you walk through your house. Open closet doors, drawers and cabinets in order to document the contents. Include window coverings, light fixtures, artwork, and accessories. Photograph your garage and its contents, basements, attics, as well as outdoor furniture.

3. Take notes. If possible collect receipts and/or appraisals for furniture, electronics and antiques.

4. Print photos or store the video/photos in the Cloud, on a thumb drive, or CD. Keep your inventory current by documenting any additions on a regular basis.

5. Store the photos or digital copies in a location other than your home. A safe deposit box is a secure option or in the home of an organized family member.