Make a decision

Your house fills up with stuff, your calendar fills up with commitments, and your papers pile up waiting for the next action.  Deferred decisions, lack of decisions, and procrastination are all causes of clutter.  Start making decisions and you will discover a solution for clutter, piles, and too much stuff.


Purchasing decisions:  Before you purchase an item ask yourself, do I like it, do I need it and where will I store it?

Time management decisions:  Look at your calendar before making a commitment.  Ask yourself, is this really something I want to do?

Decide to take action:  Don’t procrastinate.  Ask yourself, what is the next action step I need to make to move forward on this project?

Deciding whether to keep something:  Do you like it, does it fit, do you use it?

and lastly….deciding where to keep it:  Store things where you are most likely to use it or look for it and put it away after using it.

What decision are you putting off?

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