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Gift ideas that save money

Is your gift budget tight this year or most years?  Budget conscious gifts can be very meaningful and won’t leave you with a large credit card balance in January. Here are some suggestions that will save you money on gifts.

Homemade items.  Do you knit, sew, bake, cook, make cards?

Re-gift items.  Have you received a wonderful gift in the past that just isn’t your taste but you know someone who would be delighted to receive it?  A gift isn’t meant to be a burden.  It’s okay to let it go.

Talent/service gifts.  Do you have a skill to offer someone on your list?  Maybe you are an excellent cook or photographer and someone on your list has been begging you to help them learn the skill.  Is there a charity that my benefit from your service in honor of someone on your list?

Time.  Give the gift of time.  Offer to spend a day with a loved one watching a DVD, baking cookies, hiking, or having coffee.

What is the best budget conscious gift you have ever given? Please comment below.

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