Help Your Spouse Become More Organized

I am a contributor to Organizing Made Fun, an awesome organizing blog.  Here is what I wrote about this month.

5 ways to get your family to clean up

What if you thrive on organization and prefer a clutter-free home while your partner is the complete opposite and doesn’t seem to understand the importance of organization?
It’s not an uncommon situation. As a professional organizer I often encounter this scenario while working with clients.
Unfortunately we can’t control our partners or force them to change their habits. They’ve got to want it and be committed.
If your partner doesn’t have the desire to change, it doesn’t mean it’s hopeless.  You can reduce clutter by implementing the 5 following organizing systems/routines in your home.  As a bonus, your kids will learn lifelong organizing habits. Learn about the 5 tips and getting your family to hop on board the organizing train here, at Organizing Made Fun.

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