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Warning: Kitchen Gadgets can be Addictive!

Are you a kitchen gadget addict or collector?

Kitchen gadgets can be an addiction.  They are given to us as gifts (by other addicts), we inherit others and even purchase some on impulse.   These gadgets are touted as life enhancing products but instead of enhancing or simplifying life they may be sitting idle and adding clutter to your precious storage space.

My sister purchased this gadget for me.


Can you guess it’s purpose?

It’s an avocado slicer.  I eat several avocados each week.  My sister, who is thoughtful, bought this because it seemed like the right thing to do for me.  She was under the impression that I had a difficult time slicing avocados.  Turns out, I don’t but the avocado slicer sure made it difficult.  Instead of slices I ended up with a mess.  Even after I watched a YouTube tutorial to see if I was doing something wrong!

Recently I helped a client maximize her kitchen space and de-clutter her cabinets.  She was making great decisions about what she actually used and wanted to keep.  In her small pantry, we found a bread maker, the size of a microwave oven.  It was a wedding gift.

I asked her how often she hauled the heavy bread maker to her counter and used it.  Her answer, “about once a month, to make pizza dough!”  My response, “what if you no longer had the gadget to make pizza dough, would it be okay?”  She immediately  answered, “YES!”  and decided to sell it on  She then had more space in the pantry for food and cookbooks.

Now it’s time to evaluate the gadgets on your kitchen counters and in your cabinets, drawers, and pantry.  Think about whether you use them, if you are okay with the amount of storage space they require, or if they actually simplify your life.

One of my favorite gadgets, a cookie scoop.

One of my favorite gadgets, a cookie scoop.

Kitchen storage is sacred in my home.  Before I purchase another kitchen gadget I ask myself a magical question…  Where Will I Store It?  *** Don’t purchase the item if you can’t answer this question or if you aren’t willing to donate something to create space for it.

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