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[Day 28] Lazy Susan: Kitchen Clutter Clear Out

Day 28 is here!  Welcome back, we are almost at the end of the Kitchen Clutter Clear Out. If your kitchen has a lazy susan or a cabinet with turn tables, we are going to clear it out.  If not, take the time to clear out one of the areas you may have missed.  They are all listed on the first post here.  Another option is to drive all the donations, you have boxed up, to your favorite charity.

I’ve never had a lazy susan in any of my kitchen corner cabinets but I’ve organized plenty of them for clients. They can be a frustrating space to figure out and become jammed with too much stuff.

Do you use your turn table space for food, appliances or dishes?

  • Empty out the space and wipe down the turn tables.
  • Toss expired/stale food.
  • Place items you no longer use or want in a donation box/bag.
  • If you pulled food or dishes from your turn table, group them into categories.  For example breakfast food would be one category and mixing bowls would be another category.
  • Start returning items to your turn tables.
  • Label the edges of the turn tables if that will help you and your family keep the items where they belong.
  • Contain groups of small items in baskets to prevent them from scattering or falling over the side e.g. nuts, snacks, jello, plastic lids, sippy cups, and tea.
  • If you have very sturdy turn tables, the bottom or even the top turn table might be the ideal place for your small appliances.

Go to my Pinterest board here for some lazy susan inspiration.



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