[Day 23] Plastic Storage Containers: Kitchen Clutter Clear Out

Welcome back, it’s day 23 and we are definitely in the home stretch of this challenge. You are transforming your kitchen into a less cluttered space.  It must feel terrific. Today we will clear out plastic storage container clutter.


Do you have a hard time keeping your plastic storage containers under control? It might be because you have too many. It’s okay to let some go.  They are recyclable in many communities and sometimes organizations that feed the homeless and the needy want them for their clients who take their food with them.

Plastic containers are used on a daily basis in my home because they are lightweight, inexpensive and we usually have leftovers. I use these to transport meals to my folks who live close to me.  They are also fabulous as organizing containers for craft supplies, school/office supplies and as dividers in junk drawers.

Let’s dig in. You can do this!

  • Pull out all your containers and their lids.
  • Match up the lids to the containers. I’ve had my daughter do this for me when she was younger.
  • Now it’s time to toss/recycle/donate some of the containers.
  • Let go of the containers that are badly stained or in poor condition, are missing lids, or you don’t use because the shape or lid is just wrong.
  • Nest the containers in one another and return them to your drawer or shelf.  Purge containers until they all fit within the space.


Stand the lids on their side and store in a large container.  I have a deep drawer I use for all my plastic lids.  It’s not perfect, but it works. Don’t let perfection paralyze you.  Strive for function!



Now doesn’t it feel great to look at your de-cluttered storage containers?  How many did you purge?



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