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[Day 19] Coupons: Kitchen Clutter Clear Out

It’s Day 19 of the Kitchen Clutter Clear Out.  If you are a coupon user, then you might have coupon clutter in you kitchen.

I’m not much of a grocery coupon user at this point in my life even though extreme coupon clipping is HOT right now.

If you don’t use grocery coupons you may still have coupons for restaurants, department stores and other businesses like I do.

Round up your coupons and let’s get started.

  • Toss the expired coupons
  • Toss the coupons for items you don’t normally buy and won’t buy.
  • If you find gift cards, put them in your wallet or purse and make a note to use them soon.
  • It’s a drag when you forget your coupons isn’t it?  Keep your grocery coupons in a coupon organizer.  Grab it when you head to the store or keep it in your purse if you are likely to forget them.
  • The coupons for everything else (department stores, restaurants, etc.) should be kept in your car. Then you won’t have to do a head thump for being forgetful when you are at the checkout.  Simply take the coupon into the store or run out to your car before checking out. I recommend using a folder or envelope to hold them between you car seats or in the pocket behind the front seats. Genius!




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