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[Day 15] Medicines and Vitamins: Kitchen Clutter Clear Out

It’s good to have you back here for the Kitchen Clutter Clear Out!  I frequently see medicines/vitamins stored in my client’s kitchens. We are going to de-clutter that area today.

Kitchens are convenient places for medicine/vitamin storage because it’s in a central location and some pills are to be taken with food.  These items need occasional de-cluttering,  just like anything else in your home.

Gather all the bottles and boxes of medicines/vitamins from your kitchen cabinets and let’s get started.

The first step is eliminating the expired bottles/boxes. The date is usually on the bottom or side.

Empty the pills from the containers and dispose of them properly.  

Now it’s time to eliminate the pills you no longer take, do not work for you, or resulted in unpleasant side effects. Please dispose of these properly.  check with your city for disposal guidelines.

You’ll be left with medicines/vitamins that you use and probably some first aid supplies.

Group your first aid supplies together, then your vitamins, and pain relievers.  Are you left with other categories? Keep the medicines you take daily separate from the others. Place them in their own container and label them “daily.” Each person in your house may need their own container of daily medicines.

Place each category of medicine in a labeled container, e.g. pain relievers, vitamins, stomach, cold, and children’s medicines.

Before you run to the store for new bins, save some money and shop at home.

If you find you need to purchase some supplies here are my suggestions.  Measure your space first, for the best fit.

Small plastic drawers for first aid items.

Bins from Target.  These may also be found at other stores.

Lazy Susan turntables.  No more hidden bottles at the back of the cabinet.

The photo below shows one way to organize a small number of medicines.





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