[Day 14] Spices: Kitchen Clutter Clear Out

Hello, and welcome to day 14 of the Kitchen Clutter Clear Out. Spices are our focus today.


Are you a spice lover or someone that finds it hard to resist a new jar of seasoning? Spices can easily get out of control.  If you love to cook and you have a lot of spices, they can become an overwhelming assortment of different-sized jars.  Taller jars, hide the smaller jars.   Who hasn’t wasted precious time looking for that one jar of spice?  You know it’s in there somewhere!!

  • The first step to de-cluttering your spices is………ditch the expired ones.  You might be thinking, what will I be left with if most of your spices are ancient?   If that’s the case, toss the oldest of the old ancient spices you would be willing to re-purchase.  Look for the date on the bottom of the jars.  Make a list of the spices you need to replace right away.
  • Empty the bottles before tossing them and recycle them if possible.
  • Check for duplicate spices.  I have to admit that I’ve found among my own spices.  Toss the older bottle unless it’s a spice you use very frequently.  Is it possible to combine the duplicates into one jar?
  • Place the spices back into the drawer, cabinet, or spice rack.  My spices are loosely alphabetized.  Does this even surprise you? They are separated into 3 groups: A-C, D-O, and P-Z.  The jars sit in these inexpensive containers shown in the photo below.  I can pull out a container and find the one I need, instead of knocking jars over while searching.  I even write the name of the spice on the lid, if possible.


May your meals be spiced with fresh spices from now on!



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