[Day 11] Adult Beverage Glassware: Kitchen Clutter Clear Out

Welcome back to the Kitchen Clutter Clear Out!  After the first 10 days have you found you have filled up a few bags with items to donate??  If so, please put those bags in your car and drop them off at a charity the next time you are out. You will feel so much lighter, once that stuff leaves your home.



Our focus for today is…..adult beverage glassware.  I’m talking about the glasses that hold your wine, mixed drinks, margaritas, and beer. Do you entertain adults frequently and have several shelves of these special glasses? Maybe you don’t entertain so much and yet you still have too many.  Either way, it’s time to clear some more kitchen clutter.

I’d like to share an anonymous client story about glassware.  While working with the client, on her kitchen, we found an entire cabinet full of adult beverage glassware.  I asked her about the glassware and she told me this.  They do not drink because her spouse is a recovering alcoholic! As soon as she said this, she realized she was wasting prime storage space (next to her sink) on glassware they never use.

This client also had some beautiful serving dishes that she used most days.  The serving dishes needed a home.  I suggested that she donate most of the glassware and box up a small number to save for the few gatherings they hosted.  Now the cabinet space was empty and ready to store her gorgeous serving dishes.  These dishes were accessible in the cabinet and no longer sitting on her counter.  Win, win!

Here we go!  Empty the shelves and wipe them down.  Grab a box or bag and some newspapers for packing.

Decide which glasses to keep.

Continue reading if you need help making decisions.

  • Group glasses together and notice how many you have of each set.  Have you broken some and now you have a bunch of odds and ends?  Consider donating the “odd and ends.”
  • Now look at the number of glasses you  have that are in complete sets.  Be realistic while deciding how many to keep.  Can you donate a few sets?
  • Do you  have a lot of beer glasses that are very dusty from lack of use?  Folks tend to drink right out of the their bottle/can these days.  Do even need those glasses?
  • After you have edited your glassware down to what you really need and you still have quite a bit, consider storing the ones you use for entertaining purposes on a basement shelf or on a closet shelf, boxed up and labeled.

I hope your glassware for adult beverages is now de-cluttered and you now have some empty spaces in your cabinet.



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